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Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness

Beth Ministries/The Green Tree Network

Saturday April 16, 2016


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Human Trafficking

 Human trafficking is a real issue in today’s world so pray for this most enlightening event and attend if possible.  Additionally, sexual predators are endangering the welfare of our children all over the world. Today in Florida, 18 men were arrested for attempting to engage  in sex with minors in a internet sex sting. The Philippines are a known haven for sexual predators who travel there to engage in sexual acts with minors as young as babies.  Please take the time to ask our Father to stop the way against those who are committing these horrendous crimes against our children and other vulnerable human beings.

Promoting Freedom from Modern Day Slavery

Raising Awareness of 

Human Trafficking Issues


Promoting Freedom from Modern Day Slavery

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STOP Human Trafficking

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Beth Ministries &
 Green Tree Network

Beth Ministries/The Green Tree Network

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Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness

Saturday April 16, 2016  1:00-6:00pm

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